Hospital Management

Our hospital management program is an integral part of our strategy for containing costs for our insurance clients. Our team of medical professionals works very closely with Network hospitals in India. This number of hospitals is constantly growing as we add new hospitals in response to the needs of our insurance and corporate clients as well as our Individual Clients. As a result of this relationship with the hospitals our clients receive "cashless service" at the hospitals upon presentation of their health insurance card which is attractive and convenient for the patient. In many cases we are able to negotiate lower prices with health providers. Our guarantees and administrative support to the hospitals enables them to make this arrangement work smoothly. And because of our constant work with the hospitals we are able to monitor treatment as it is taking place in the hospitals to satisfy our underwriters that the treatment given is reasonable and the patient being treated is actually the insured member. Abuse and fraud are minimized resulting in savings for the insurer and eventually lower premiums for clients.

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Customer Care Center

The customer care operations team for Safeway is well organized and professionally designed to ensure optimum transparency and accuracy in providing the information to the clients. The customer care center deals with the Walk-in clients and the inbound calls. The agents are trained and specialized in providing all the necessary information to the clients for speedy processing of their claims and use the digital source to have access of information through website and mobile application.

Claim Management

Our Claim Management team streamlines the different stages of claim processing. We have a independent team of experienced Medical Officers for reimbursement and cashless claims, with expertise of insurance industry. Medical claims management team deals in billing, filing, updating and processing of medical claims related to patient diagnoses, treatments and medications. Since, maintaining patient records, interacting with health insurance agencies and issuing invoices for medical services are time consuming responsibilities, some hospitals and medical facilities outsource those tasks to medical claims management firms. Without effective medical claims management, patients wouldn't know what they owe and medical facilities wouldn't receive the funds due for patient services.

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Mobile Application

Now we have enabled its customers/beneficiaries by launching mobile app to manage their Health Insurance Policy on their finger tips. Helps customers to access the information's on one go regarding

* Policy Details
* Search Network Hospital
* Contact Details
* It also provides a quick & easy procedure to register your claim intimation

Other Services

Pre Insurance Medical Services

* 24/7 CallCenter
* Dedicated fax,TollFree and Phonelines
* Online fax facility
* Online access to claim status,card status on our website,
* SMS Alerts
* E-cards
* Net work Hospitals list,Downloads
* Helpdesk
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